Special Announcement


Building your Parenting Toolbox


After the very successful run of our Parents Empowerment Lab series, the WBG Family Network invites you to attend a follow up parenting series, ‘Building your Parenting Toolbox’. Designed to provide parents a safe space to feel acknowledged and validated, this series of workshops will also help parents learn practical parenting skills to facilitate raising children during COVID times and beyond. The four sessions will be facilitated by our expert counsellors from the Family Consultation Services.


In case you missed attending any of the Parents Empowerment Lab sessions, we encourage you to watch the recordings prior to attending the ‘Building your Parenting Toolbox’ workshops. To watch the recordings, CLICK HERE

Past Sessions:
Session 1: Tools to manage your child’s anxiety.
This session was held on Thursday, Mar 18, 2021 
During this session participants will learn about the neurobiology of their child’s anxiety, and what tools can help them self-regulate.
We will investigate how to balance our job of protecting them while also pushing them to face their fears and become independent.
Tool: Emotional regulation language
Session material: PowerPoint is attached below
Session 2: Tools for building, bonding and discipline.
This session was held on Thursday, Mar 25, 2021
During this session, we will dive into how to develop a deep emotional connection that allows positive discipline.  
Tool: Gratitude, family activities and Positive reinforcement plan
Session material: PowerPoint is attached below
Session 3: Tools for self-drive and academic success. 
This session was held on Thursday, April 8, 2021
During this session participants will create their own picture of what success means for each of their children and a road map to how to help them be self-driven.
Tool: Topic of interest and community service project
Session material: PowerPoint is attached below
​Session 4: Assembling the toolkit.
This session was held on Thursday, Apr 15, 2021
The final session will be a culmination of the earlier workshops and will include a review and summary, giving participants the floor to ask specific questions and focus on topics of interest they would like to gain some tools for.
Tool: Assembling YOUR toolkit
Session material:  PowerPoint is attached below