Special Announcement

WBGFN programs and activities are run by our members for our members. Our volunteers are members from around the world who dedicate their time, talents and energy to giving back. Volunteering at WBGFN is not only a great opportunity to use your skills and experience for the benefit of the WBG and wider communities, but also to learn new skills, enhance your professional development, and boost your social life. WBGFN volunteers work in an extraordinarily wide range of positions, from event organization and database management to branding and graphic design. Browse the descriptions of what the main WBGFN teams do below and register to volunteer based on your personal and professional interests. These detailed descriptions are only to be used as a guide and can be adapted to suit the individual’s skill and time commitment.

Get Involved—Worldwide Team

The Worldwide (WW) team consists of WBGFN members from around the world who volunteer their time to welcome families relocating to country offices and to help build a network of supportive communities amongst WBG families

Families relocating to new duty stations appreciate being put in touch with someone who is already living there. Local Connectors are WBGFN members who volunteer to give friendly advice and answer questions, before and after a family relocates. They can share the many insights and tips that only a person living in the country is able to provide.

Local Connectors also connect new arrivals with other members, providing a supportive network of people with the shared experience of relocation with the WBG. This helps spouses and families adapt to their new environment more quickly and more positively, which in turn allows a smoother workplace transition for staff. 

Local Champions are volunteers who take a lead in a local WBGFN group, by initiating activities to welcome newcomers and bring members (international and local) together to socialize, share information explore the local area, or help local charities.  Some group initiatives have included cooking classes, art or yoga sessions, book clubs, museum visits, and pot luck socials, sometimes with staff. Such activities build a sense of belonging to a community and increase the levels of comfort and confidence about moving to and living in a foreign country. The Local Champion also recruits volunteers and delegates tasks so the local chapter keeps vibrant.

Other members volunteer to share their skills and talents with the WBGFN group and in the wider community. The possibilities are endless - the Local Champions and members are only limited by their interest, skills, needs, and imagination. Our members across the globe can also now join in many virtual activities, classes, interest groups or recorded presentations that are continually being developed and organized by the various WBGFN teams. You could volunteer to lead an interest group or activity in your location, or virtually for global participation.

Local Connectors and Champions are supported by our Regional Champions, who connect with them regularly, share information and resources and provide feedback to HQ leadership team on the priorities and concerns of our worldwide members.

WBGFN welcomes members to get more involved no matter where they are! Participation and volunteering in the development of our Worldwide Program is not limited to where you currently live – technology has closed that gap for us. We can always utilize skills in areas such as social media, communications, career development and writing. Volunteering with WBGFN can make life more fulfilling for all our members and help achieve our mission to increase WBGFN’s global connectedness.

More information about some volunteer roles is given in the links below. We would love to have a Local Connector or Local Champion in every location. We are also always open to new ideas and suggestions of how members can volunteer to help extend our global outreach.

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