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Supporting Our Elderly Parents in the Age of COVID September 23, 2020
In this session, we will explore how we can use our international transition experiences to strengthen and navigate our family relationships during these difficult times, especially for our elderly parents, in the age of COVID?
Seminar for Parents with Special Needs Kids September 16, 2020
Join us for this very practical session on self-care for parents in the current situation, using mindfulness and emotional self-awareness tools, where the presentation reframes that attitude with empathy, practical tips, and a discussion on the stakes.
The Power of Relationships Part 1 August 12, 2020
In this session, we will examine ways in which we can increase the positive effects and minimize the negative consequences our relationship may have on our health and well-being as well as, strengthen and grow in the time we spend together and apart.
The Power of Relationships Part II September 9, 2020
Part II of ‘The Power of Relationships’, we continue the discussion on how recent public health measures have increased our physical closeness with family members at home which may bring about challenges and conflict.
Kids, Decision Fatigue, and Separation Anxiety during Reopening July 29, 2020
Join Family Consultation Service for this informative session. We’ll discuss the challenges ahead and how to prepare for them while taking care of ourselves in order to care for our children.
WBFN Work Authorization Seminar September 30, 2020
Join us for a virtual session- This presentation will clarify where the difficulties lie and what to expect.
WBFN Annual Meeting May 7 2020
WBFN Virtual Annual Meeting 2020
WBFN Presidents Weekly Email April 27 2020
WBFN Presidents Video of Weekly email April 27 2020 to our members
WBFN - Family Network Worldwide
Engage. Explore. Adjust and Thrive. The World Bank Family Network supports spouses and partners of WBG staff worldwide.
WBFN Seminar - Visa Options for G-4 Dependents
Visa Options for G-4 Dependents: Limitations and Opportunities This session will address these and other related topics for G4 spouses and children, while debunking
WBFN English Classes
Interview with Sarah Brau, an English Teacher at the World Bank Family Network.
7 Questions about the WBFN Book Project
Operated entirely by volunteers, the WBFN Book Project has shipped millions of donated books to underprivileged children in schools across the globe. In this video, the Co-President Aggie Nuval explains how it works and who can become a volunteer.
WBFN Launch Event - Disability Seminar May 15, 2019
WBFN Launch Event for our Disability Seminar, A first in a series to come.
WBFN Annual Meeting 2019
WBFN Annual Meeting was held on May 2, 2019
WBFN Member Picnic
WBFN Member Picnic October 26 2019