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WBFN programs and activities are run by our members for our members. Our volunteers are members from around the world who dedicate their time, talents and energy to giving back. Volunteering at WBFN is not only a great opportunity to use your skills and experience for the benefit of the WBG and wider communities, but also to learn new skills, enhance your professional development, and boost your social life. WBFN volunteers work in an extraordinarily wide range of positions, from event organization and database management to branding and graphic design. Browse the descriptions of what the main WBFN teams do below and register to volunteer based on your personal and professional interests. These detailed descriptions are only to be used as a guide and can be adapted to suit the individual’s skill and time commitment.

Get Involved - Men @ WBFN Team

Men @ WBFN

Men@WBFN Team aims at supporting male spouses who have relocated by connecting them to other men members of WBFN. The Team also looks for ways to complement existing WBFN programs with greater focus on male interests and activities. These activities could range from building bookshelves, sporting activities or simply hanging out and shooting pool!

This is an opportunity for volunteers / members to catch up, make plans to do new things, share advice, network and meet others in the same situation; but most of all, it's the time to enjoy some companionship while helping others.

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