Special Announcement



Issue #11— April 15, 2019

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Open Learning Campus

Did you know that thanks to President Loubna’s advocacy, all WBFN members can access five online courses proposed to WBG staff? Through the Open Learning Campus (OLC), you can take online:

  • Introduction to World Bank Group Products and Services
  • Effective Conversations: putting yourself in the other person’s shoes
  • Security Responsiveness for spouses and domestic partners
  • Clear Writing: 5 tips
  • Main Message Up Front

We continue advocating for other courses to be made accessible to our members. We will keep you posted!

The detailed information to register is provided on the WBFN website under PDP (the link

https://www.wbfn.org/page/professional-development-program under Resources, section Open Learning Campus (OLC)).

To download the instructions to access the OLC, here is the link https://www.wbfn.org/page/open-learning-campus-olc

The Bridge is a friendly publication on topics that we think are relevant for worldwide members of the World Bank Family Network as well as at HQ.

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