Special Announcement


Issue #7— April 15, 2018
The banner for Bridge, the worldwide WBFN newsletter

On April 24, at 10am-11.30am, the WBFN Worldwide Program hosts a get-together and hope to see many members visiting Washington during the time of the WBG Spring Meetings. Among the visiting members will be some of many WBFN Champions, our volunteer representatives based in country office locations. Come by, meet other members in the relaxed WBFN office, and learn something new about the Family Network!

WBFN members based in other countries always have a standing invitation to visit the WBFN office in Washington, when they are in town.

The location of the WBFN office is 701 18th Street NW, room J2-030, Washington DC 2006. Go to www.wbfn.org for more information, or contact wbfnworldwide@worldbank.org.

WBG spouse badge or official photo ID is required to access the building.

The Bridge is published twice a month, on topics that we think can be useful to share among worldwide members of the Family Network. Have a point to share with the Family Network community? Let us hear from you at WBFN Worldwide.