Special Announcement

WBFN programs and activities are run by our members for our members. Our volunteers are members from around the world who dedicate their time, talents and energy to giving back. Volunteering at WBFN is not only a great opportunity to use your skills and experience for the benefit of the WBG and wider communities, but also to learn new skills, enhance your professional development, and boost your social life. WBFN volunteers work in an extraordinarily wide range of positions, from event organization and database management to branding and graphic design. Browse the descriptions of what the main WBFN teams do below and register to volunteer based on your personal and professional interests. These detailed descriptions are only to be used as a guide and can be adapted to suit the individual’s skill and time commitment.

Get Involved—Welcoming Team

The Welcoming team is the first point of contact for newcomers to WBFN. The team volunteers reach out to support newly-arrived families in the Washington DC area by organizing informal monthly sessions and get-togethers, quarterly orientation programs and an online support community through the WBFN Buddy Whatsapp Group. Volunteer tasks include:

  • Presenting at the welcoming sessions
  • Promoting WBFN at WBG's New Staff orientation sessions
  • Maintaining a database of newcomers
  • Reaching out to newcomers by phone and/or email
  • Organizing social events.



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