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WBFN has presence in numerous WBG locations. Click and scroll down to find the location of your local chapter

The Family Network is present in more than 50 Country Office Locations. In these local chapters, members support each other to explore, learn and thrive. As a WBFN member  you can connect with other WBG families in your new location, even before you move! Joining the worldwide WBFN community allows you to: 

  1. Find information specific to WBG families, engage in activities, have fun and make new friends
  2. Be part of the local WBFN online community (Facebook, Whatsapp, Google). 
  3. Get tips, recommendations and invites to local activities
  4. Create and participate in groups with similar interests
  5. Attend online seminars regarding family and career support
  6. Access the country-specific pages with local WBFN contacts and recommendations
  7. Get support from WBFN and receive weekly newsletters with useful information

To register as a member, go to Registration by

For more information, contact wbfnworldwide@worldbank.org


Check out how you could get involved in your local chapter.