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About—Who We Are

The World Bank Family Network (WBFN) is a volunteer-driven organization of the spouses and partners of WBG staff with headquarters in Washington DC and a presence in more than 50 country office locations. WBFN encourages all spouses/partners of WBG staff members (and single staff members with young children) to register as members of WBFN. Membership is free of charge.

The Family Network recognizes that families in transition are best helped by other families who have gone through similar experiences. WBFN shares helpful relocation information with members in both the Washington DC area and abroad, and establishes a supportive network through social, cultural, educational and advocacy programs. The video below highlights how WBFN has helped our members during their transition.

The Family Network has more than 6,000 members and 200 volunteers in DC and country office locations. An Executive Committee (EC) of about 10-12 volunteers govern the organization and provide leadership to ensure that WBFN objectives, services and programs reflect the changing needs and interests of its membership. Three Bank staff (one Coordinator and two Program Assistants) and short-term consultants as needed support the EC to realize the mission of WBFN.

The work we do at the Family Network could not be possible without the continuous and valuable help of our dedicated volunteers, staff and supporters. We are grateful for your generous contribution of time, talents and efforts. We would also like to acknowledge and thank our partners within the World Bank Group and externally who make it possible to fulfill our mission. Through your collaboration and support, we are helping WBG families thrive in our communities all over the world.



Marie-Noelle Sinou Taillandier

  • WBFN President for FY19
  • French native. Fluent in English 
  • Engineer, M.S., Founder and CEO of Amakima, LLC. PMP (Project Management Professional) certified. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programation) certified.
  • Draws from her 19+ years of experience in complex project and contract management 
  • Has an active lifestyle, likes hiking, travel and meeting new people and considers relocation to the US a new life adventure
  • To function, needs a regular shot of expresso, some cheese, dancing, and laughing with friends
Loubna Djemame

Loubna Djemame

  • President Operations FY19, and WBFN Professional Development group coordinator FY16
  • Algerian-Canadian, Fluent in French and English 
  • Master’s Degree in Drug Development
  • 8 Years experience in regulatory affairs, clinical research and R&D (Biotechnology)
  • Consistent team player, strong client orientation and leadership
Lorenzo Alia

Lorenzo Alia

  • WBFN Volunteer in Project Management for CHP, TSP, PDP Thematic Sessions
  • Italian national, fluent in Italian and English
  • Masters Degree in Engineering and Masters in Business Administration
  • Program and Project Manager, PMP certified, with 14 years experience in the provision of consultancy and IT solutions to worldwide clients in the naval and air navigation industries 
  • Expert on business development in international markets and Customer Relationship Management
Shobhana Verghese

Shobhana Verghese

  • WBFN Secretary for FY19, TSP Volunteer, Volunteer Engagement Team
  • Indian citizen, fluent in English and Hindi
  • Masters in English Literature, Fellowship at University of Cambridge, UK, Bachelor’s in Education
  • Extensive experience and strategic leadership skills in the education space and Founder Principal of multinational, multi-cultural, dual curricula K-12 school in the UAE
  • Consultant in quality assurance practices, school improvement and leadership development
Georgine Ahmad

Georgine Ahmad

  • WBFN Longtime Volunteer since 1987 of Welcoming Team, Children Holiday Party, Teen Summer Program, Nominating Chair, Vice President of Margaret McNamara Educational Grant, Co-Chair of Arts & Crafts Fair
  • Dutch National, fluent in English, Dutch, French
  • Attended University of Amsterdam with work experience in the Netherlands, UK, France and Australia 
  • Business Owner and Realtor
Sury Suryati

Sury Suryati​

  • WBFN Volunteer Coordinator 2015, Executive Committee FY16, Nominating Chair FY17, CHP FY15 & FY16 Coordinator, TSP Volunteer
  • Singaporean national, fluent in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia. 
  • Holds a BSc in Economics and an MA in International Business
  • Experienced Wealth Manager of High Net-worth clients; Business Owner of a client /event based industry with excellent organizational skills



Gisele Youmbi

Giselle Youmbi

  • WBFN: Professional Development Program Coordinator, Nominating Committee Member, Book Project and MMEG Volunteer
  • National of Cameroon, fluent in English, French and Italian
  • Ph.D. in Pharmacology
  • Areas of expertise: health care systems, pharmacy operations, pharmaceutical regulations and management of medical research projects with international experience
  • Active in community development projects with an emphasis on public health, gender-based violence prevention, and education
Youmna Badr

Youmna Badr

  • WBFN Youth and Special Events Volunteer since 2014 for Children Holiday Party, Open House, Welcoming Team and other major successful events
  • Egyptian national, fluent in English and Arabic
  • B.Sc. in Economics and Political Science
  • Dedicated, full time mother and very active volunteer in charities and sponsorship of orphanages 
  • Team worker with excellent organizational skills
Alexandra Alba

Alexandra Alba

  • WBFN Editor since 2014
  • Canadian national fluent in English and Spanish
  • BA Honors English Literature and MS in Sociolinguistics
  • Areas of work experience: advertising, teaching English as a second language, librarianship and editing
  • 30+ years of extensive and rich experience as a WBG spouse who has relocated three times
Priscil Tscouk Ibounda

Priscil Tscouk Ibounda

  • Gabon and France Nationalities, fluent in French and with good English skills.
  • Hold a MA in Economics with a major in International Financial Relations and a Postgraduate degree in International Business Law.
  • 20 years work experience in a French International banking group includes Credit Risk Control and monitoring, Financial analysis and working on business improvement processes.
  • Involved in a local community outreach program taking care of homeless women in the US.
Claudia Alvarez

Claudia Alvarez

  • WBFN member since 2003, Worldwide Team member
  • National of Columbia, fluent in English, French and Spanish
  • Industrial Engineer with Masters in Agribusiness Administration
  • Work experience includes a nonprofit organization where she took charge of all financial, administrative, marketing and fundraising work; volunteers in different organizations and is also a French and Spanish Tutor
  • Relocated several times as WBG spouse, y posted in India since 2012
Padmini Mahurkar

Padmini Mahurkar

  • ​WBFN Welcoming Committee since 2015, MMEG selection committee
  • Indian national, fluent in English and Hindi
  • Holds a Masters in Economics and a Masters in Finance. Certification in Cultural training 
  • Taught Economics and Finance in Mumbai, Tokyo and New York and worked as an Economist in Manila, during her several relocations
  • Runs a free school for young children in India



Gulira Alieva

  • Kyrgyz national and healthcare professional with diverse experience in public & private sectors and extensive knowledge in the healthcare sector, primarily in developing countries, in policy development and implementation and analytical research.
  • Project management, leadership, and training skills. Holds a healthcare MBA from the George Washington University.
  • As a WBFN volunteer, Gulira has been an instrumental in setting up a Health Professionals Group in 2012 within the Family Network Professional Development Program, where she remains an active member.
  • Currently, she serves as a Senior Advisor to the Family Network’s EC.
  • She is looking forward to substantially contributing towards further and successful development of the WBFN.
Laila Azoor

Laila Azoor

  • WBFN volunteer since 2015 in the Welcoming Team, Children Holiday Party, and other Office events
  • Sri Lankan national fluent in English
  • Holding a bachelor’s in Business Management
  • Interests include editing and writing, reading and playing table tennis