Special Announcement


From the Presidents' Desk

Dear Member,

We hope that you, your family, and loved ones enjoyed a good break over the summer. With the reopening of schools for many of our kids, we are starting to feel cautiously optimistic about inching towards normalcy – let’s keep our fingers crossed!

In the recent weeks, many volunteers in our Worldwide Team, and in the WBGFN Pakistan Chapter were busy connecting to the Afghan WBG families in Pakistan. We organized a Buddies Orientation session for both, staff and spouses. The purpose was to highlight the role of buddies for the Afghan colleagues and their families, how they can assist them whilst being mindful of certain boundaries and equipping them with tools and resources to offer friendly support. We would here like to offer our sincere gratitude to the WBGFN Team, and all the individuals involved in this effort. Keep an eye on our website in the coming months when we hope to publish and share more about this initiative.

While we all try to protect our families and ourselves from unsafe situations, sometimes the threat comes from right inside our homes, in the form of domestic abuse. As abhorrent as it is, domestic abuse does happen across geographies and demographics -- and sadly yes, even within WBG families. One of the lasting achievements of WBGFN has been in helping establish the Domestic Abuse Prevention Program (DAPP) in the WBG. Abuse is wrong – no matter where and in which form it is happening. DAPP can help you if you or someone you know from a WBG family needs help. Please remember the service is completely confidential and available to all spouses. We encourage you to look at this page on our website for information about DAPP and tips for those who are facing domestic abuse. You might not need it, but you just might know someone who needs to know. Keep an eye on our website where you will find more articles about DAPP’s work in the coming weeks.

Finally, we’d like to share a happy piece of news with you: we now have a new location for our DC office, and it is in the Main Complex (MC) Building! Right now, we are in the process of setting up, and it is taking a bit of time because of office restrictions. However, we are really looking forward to opening our doors and welcoming you when the reopening starts!


Kind regards,
Sara and Ashik