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Making Decisions in Times of Transition

 Making Decisions in Times of Transition

WHEN: Thursday, April 14, 2022 @9:00am (Washington, DC time)
HOW:   Join by Zoom by clicking here

Meeting ID: 824 4893 2772
Passcode: 061216

Do you struggle with making decisions especially when your life is in transition? Are you considering changing your career path or moving, or even going through a separation?

Join Caroline Giffon, Founder of Girafe Coaching, Certified Life Coach for Expatriates' partners, and Host of Love Your Expat Life Podcast in her upcoming roundtable: Making Decisions In Times of Transition on April 14, 9 am EST. Join by Zoom by clicking here


Caroline will share a powerful tool to help you make confident decisions and break free once and for all from hesitation even in the midst of change. For more information click here to view flyer or her site