Special Announcement


Women's Wellness Month

We are excited to invite you to series of events throughout the month of March with a focus on women’s wellness. Check the [calendar] here in the link or  in the attached PDF below for the Exact days and times as they vary for each session,  and join use for sessions on stress management, conflict management in life and at work, parenting, leadership, safety and confidence, nutrition, fitness classes, and more.
This year’s Women’s Wellness Month is hosted in close collaboration with WBG Women’s Network, Healthy Staff Group, Health & Safety Directorate (HSD), WBG Fitness Center, the Single Parents Inclusion Network (SPIN), Mediation, Internal Justice Services, and more! Join us to celebrate the international women’s month as we launch this year’s edition of Women’s Wellness Month.

The events are offered as part of Staff Association sponsored events, and they are free of charge and open to families and friends. We are excited to see as many as possible participants in these events to share the knowledge and insights in these areas.