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Mental Health Matters: Risks and Recovery for LGBTI+ People and their Families

Mental Health Matters: Risks and Recovery for LGBTI+ People and their Families
WHEN: WEDNESDAY: May 18, 2022: 8:00 am Wash DC, 3:00 pm Nairobi, 5:30 pm Delhi, 7:00 pm Bangkok, Sydney 10:00 pm
HOW: Click Here to join by Webex - Please consult pdf document below
Meeting number: 2319 552 9611  Password: 2PEbZApWk38
Ensuring mental health for all people matters. However, the LGBTI+ community faces some unique challenges when it comes to mental health and access to quality treatment. They often face risks due to a lack of access to culturally competent and quality care that supports the achievement of sustainable recovery. This presentation will provide an analysis of these risks with supporting data, along with a detailed explanation of particular mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, process addictions and substance use disorders. The speakers will take questions from the audience after they conclude their presentation, and those who wish to submit questions in advance – and in confidence – may do so via email to Stuart Fisher, Senior Psychologist, HSD. The presentation will conclude with recommendations for gaining access to appropriate treatment and care in support of mental health and wellness for the LGBTI+ community and their families. (90 minutes)
Opening Remarks: Jewel McFadden, Publications Officer, ITSLP; Vice President, WBG GLOBE
  • Bethany Franklin, Family Therapist, Caron Treatment Centers, Caron Foundation
  • Phoenix Adams, Senior Vice President of Signature Programming, Caron Foundation
Closing Remarks: Stuart Fisher, Head, HSD Mental Health & Wellbeing Unit
Open to: WBG, IMF, UNDP, and IDB staff, spouses, domestic partners and family members.

More about our speakers:

Bethany Franklin is currently a Family Therapist at Caron Treatment Centers, providing education and therapeutic services to family members of current patients. Prior to her current position, she has worked as a Behavioral Health Therapist II in the Opioid Treatment Program, providing individual and group therapy, family therapy, and education. Bethany is passionate about working with the LGBTQIA+ community and also facilitates the weekly PRIDE groups at Caron, allowing a safe space for LGBTQIA+ patients to meet and process various challenges. Prior to joining Caron, she completed a graduate-level internship at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, working with young adults and adolescents who are HIV positive. Bethany is a licensed clinical social worker and a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor. She has a Master of Social Work and a Master of Education in Human Sexuality, both from Widener University.
As the Senior Vice President of Signature Programming, Phoenix Adams, DSW, MBA, LCSW, provides administrative and clinical oversight for the Florida Continuum and the Grand View and Older Adult Programs in Pennsylvania. Making use of 30 years of business and clinical experience combined, he shapes the direction of the programs, supervises administrative and clinical staff, oversees administrative functions such as budgeting and operations, serves as a liaison to admissions for the Ocean Drive and Grand View Programs, and talks with patients, family members, referents, and others about the programs. In his previous work, Phoenix has worked extensively with agencies that provide behavioral healthcare for the LGBTQIA+ population, and is now the co-chair of a team that is developing LGBTQIA+ specific programming across the Caron continuum. Phoenix received a Doctorate of Social Work degree in May 2019. He also has a master’s degree in social work and master's from Florida Atlantic University where he also got a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

In Partnership with: WBG/IMF Health & Safety Directorate (HSD) and WBG GLOBE: LGBTI+ Employee Business Resource Group