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How to Reach a Healthy Weight

HSD’s Health & Wellness team would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming wellness session, How to Reach a Healthy Weight. Led by licensed nutritionist Lynnette Simpson, CNS, LN, we will discuss a three-pronged approach to losing weight: diet, behavior, and lifestyle. The body is complex—so it is not just about eating the correct number of calories to lose weight. It matters what you eat, when, how much you eat, the interaction with the gut microbiome, and hormonal balance. This practical and interactive session will provide evidence-based recommendations and a handout of all the presented strategies.


How to Reach a Healthy Weight

Tuesday, July 26, 2022


9:00 am Washington, DC | 1:00 pm West African countries | 4:00 pm Sofia | 9:00 pm Singapore

Speaker: Lynnette Simpson, CNS, LN, WBG

Moderator: Astou Diagne

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Meeting number: 2308 223 5144  | Password: wrEmVS7Za94


Part of HSD’s overall health and wellness program, "The Preventive Plan" (TPP), delivered through WBG vendor U.S. Preventive Medicine (USPM), provides staff, retirees, and eligible dependents age 18 and older with additional health support services. TPP is implemented through a mobile app which offers a health assessment, personalized health recommendations, access to electronic/telephone health coaching, and health education support through a library of videos and written articles. The goal is to help you improve your personal health and wellness by taking small, consistent steps towards healthier behaviors​. The support provided by TPP is based on evidence from medical and health-related research.​