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Walking is low-impact, easy, inexpensive (all you need is a good pair of shoes), and has multiple health benefits. It can help provide more energy, an emotional and psychological lift, improved sleep, better weight control, and lower the risk for many chronic conditions. Tracking your steps, dedicated walking minutes, or the step equivalent of other activities is easy.

Just start tracking your activity in the morning. Pair your personal mobile device to add steps automatically, OR you can manually enter your steps/activities at the end of the day. Step equivalents for other exercise activities will be available within the program once it launches. Delicious recipes, inspiring articles, an interactive message board, and motivating daily emails help you keep moving.

Thrive Thursdays: If you’re on an official team, you’ll find an additional activity in your email on Thursday mornings and on the Team page. If you complete it by midnight CT, you’ll earn a bonus point for your team; Thrive Thursday points do not impact individual scores. Thrive Thursday activities encourage individuals to join teams – boosting team participation and engagement. Activities for 2023 include: Be Kind to Others (Acts of Kindness), Eat More Colors (Produce Servings), Just Relax (Active Relaxation), Resist Fear of Missing Out (Unplug from Devices), Streeeeetch (Streching), and Take a Self-Compassion Break (Practice Self-Compassion).

Social Features:

  • Friends: Invitation-based feature where participants can connect and support others. Participants with 1+ Friend in a campaign are more likely to meet the program goal.
  • Individual Leaderboard: Displays participant’s individual ranking. Opt in/out at registration or in Settings.
  • Wellness Wall: Post pictures, tag Friends and share favorite recipes and tips. HES will post and review Monday-Friday.
  • Mobile App: Convenient way to log progress and access features on the go. Free to download on iOS and Android. The Walktober mobile app automatically syncs with your online account.

You can involve your child in Walktober. We've put together a coloring page so your child can track their Walktober progress alongside you.

Take advantage of this fitness campaign during WALKTOBER 2023. Join a team or participate individually. You’ll go on a colorful virtual tour through some of the world’s most vibrant, breathtaking landscapes and fun events — while boosting your energy, improving your mood, and making walking a priority.


Join the Conversation: Walktober Viva Engage | Health Promotion Viva Engage (WB Only)

Registration Link: https://worldbankgroup.walktober.com | Participants Video

Below are important dates to remember:

  • Registration starts: Monday, September 25, 2023 (for individuals and teams)
  • Last day to register: Friday, October, 6, 2023 (for individuals and teams)
  • Start recording your progress: Monday, October 2, 2023
  • Walktober Challenge ends: Tuesday, October 31, 2023
  • Last day to log activity: Friday, November 3, 2023

*Only WB/IMF Staff and consultants, their household members, and retirees are eligible to participate in this program. Each participant should register with one email address; participants should avoid using multiple email addresses for their registration.

Healthy Walking!