Special Announcement


Parenting During Coronavirus Speaker Series

The Staff Association is partnering with the Single Parents Inclusion Network (SPIN) to host a series of webinars focusing on Parenting During Coronavirus. Each session will focus on different topics, provide tools, and guidance from parenting experts to help staff through the health crisis. 

Our speaker, Meghan Leahy is a certified parent coach, a parenting columnist for The Washington Post, as well as a certified school counselor and former teacher. “Rest, Play, Tears" are the essential needs for young children, but here's the secret: they are the essential needs for every human. When you understand these most basic needs, you can better parent both your child and yourself through day-to-day worries and pandemics. This presentation is meant for any parent of any child, and is meant to be open-ended and not strategy-heavy. 

Please find some of her more recent articles published in the Washington Post.

WHEN: June 10, 2020 1:00pm
HOW:  Webinar: Click here to join

Click HERE to add to your calendar and RSVP. To watch live click HERE.  

All these workshops will be recorded and shared on the SA’s COVID-19 Resource page if you are unable to make this timing. (for WBG Staff)