Special Announcement


From the Presidents' desk—September 2022

Dear Member,
Hopefully, you had a memorable and restful summer with your family. Now that we are all rejuvenated and ready for the new term, in a comparatively more settled environment, we hope that you will find time to unleash your true potential and become increasingly productive in your daily routine. It’s not always easy to maintain a work-life balance, especially over the past two years, but we as humans are more resilient and tend to adjust and adapt accordingly. 
For us at WBGFN, it is the official opening of FY23. Our dedicated team of volunteers has worked diligently over the summer organizing and planning new and exciting events and programs for the membership. We would love to have new members step forward and join this invigorating team of individuals across  country offices.
Our 50th Anniversary celebrations are well underway. There’s still time to submit your photographs for our Photo Competition, so do remind your 15-19 year old’s. For competition details, click here. Our September session focuses on Cultivating a Flourishing Family Abroad: The Research Behind Thriving Expatriate Children. What determines whether expat children (Third Culture Kids) thrive in the midst of their globally mobile experience? In this session we will look at practical ways that parents can be intentional about raising resilient TCKs so the whole family can flourish abroad. Please join us from wherever you are for our forthcoming events.

Stay healthy, stay positive!

Best regards,
Sara and Mary
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