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WBG DA Prevention Unit - Staff Manual
Domestic abuse is a criminal offense in the United States and in many countries where Bank Group staff reside. World Bank Group employees, either U.S citizens or G4 visa holders, do not enjoy diplomatic immunity and must comply with U.S. laws including family law.
Since domestic abuse involves illegal behavior, the World Bank Group does not tolerate this form of misconduct from its employees and may take disciplinary action in accordance with the
Principles of Staff Employment and Staff Rules 2.01 and 3.06. Internal WBG Link - Intranet Only The World Bank Group established procedures to minimize the impact of any attempts by an employee to exploit institutional immunities or privileges (which are related to World Bank Group business and do not cover illegal behavior) in private disputes.

External users can click to access the entire WBG Staff Manual as a single PDF. (go.worldbank.org/8Y4OVZPZU0)