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Dear all,

Mindfulness practice not only benefits you but the people around you and the relationship around you.   We connected with each other by doing Mindfulness of Emotion and Lovingkindness Meditation. I am aware of the fears and anxiety that comes with this global pandemic in my family and in my community. It is a chance for us to honor the intelligence of these feelings and to cope them with mindfulness, gentleness and compassion.

Our group will meet every Thursday starting June 18th on Zoom from 10-11am. Please use the Signup link below:

We look forward to having our WBFN members join us. If you have any questions please contact Caroline at the information below.

The beauty of Zoom meetings is that we could still connect with each other regularly without driving, no traffic and no more parking issue!

Take good care and see you soon!

Contact/Questions: Come Join us. Space is limited. To RSVP, please text Caroline at 703-677-7149 or Email:carolinebeloe@qq.com

A note from your instructor: Caroline Wu Beloe:
This group come together for the purpose of learning and practicing of secular mindfulness meditation. All WBFN members (including IMFFA members) are welcome.

" I am an independent leadership coach and mindfulness coach. I also teach mindfulness in the community to adults and teens. You can also view my most recent profile on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/caroline-wu-beloe-mdm-acc-72274516/ or check my website at https://www.carolinebeloe.com/
Mindfulness has helped me to navigate through many challenges inherent in my globally mobile life in the past 5 years. I would like to share my learning and the benefits of mindfulness practice with my fellow WBFN members."
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