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From the Presidents' desk—May 2021


A very warm hello to our members across the globe,

It has been a rather busy yet fruitful month here at the Family Network. We are truly grateful for the virtual platform which provides us with the opportunity to connect with our members and organize events and seminars which are globally available to all those who wish to join.

We saw a very successful end to the ‘Building your parenting toolbox’ series. During the four sessions,  our members were presented and provided with essential coping tools for themselves and their children. The breakout rooms were filled with very interesting discussions and at the same time highlighted many concerns our families are facing during these challenging times.  Those who missed it can view the recordings on our website.

We also hosted our first ever session of Families Without Borders on Thursday April 22nd. The program was conceived as a bridge between WBG Families living across the world. We were very happy to see a great response to the event, of which we plan to conduct several during the year. Our goal is to eventually build a strong and genuine network of families that can support and guide each other. Whether it’s about housing, schooling or health care, our members are the best sources of information in all corners of the world. We hope you will continue to support this effort.

We encourage you to step forward and connect with us. This is your moment to take the initiative and challenge yourself. No idea is ever too small or not important enough. Whether it’s creating a new interest group or launching a new peer group; reach out to us from wherever you are and share your proposal. It’s always fulfilling when one can accomplish a goal and make it a success.

Last but not the least, you would have received the wellness survey from Family Network. Help us to advocate for your wellness with WBG Senior Management. Just a few minutes of your time can make a big difference. To take the survey Click Here


We wish you all the best in whatever you do,

Padmini and Sara


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