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From the Presidents' desk—December 2022


Fifty years!  5-0!  Our 50th Anniversary Celebration of the WBG Family Network reaches its crescendo this month!  During our anniversary year, we have enjoyed an opus of commemorative Anniversary Welcome and Support events from our stellar HQ Welcoming, Worldwide, and Career Development programs.  Recognizing a growing segment of our Family Network, we had a community platform for male members with the 6-part series “Real Talk, Real Bonds,” enhancing our repertoire of Welcome and Support programs.  Our festive anniversary dessert and photo competitions lent a creative timbre to our celebration, and this month our Anniversary Celebration concludes with Part 2 of the lauded Nourishing Global Families series, co-sponsored with WBG Staff Association and SPIN.  Visit https://www.wbfn.org/page/50th-anniversary to view recordings. Brava, Bravo, and Encore!! 


We thank our WBG partners in Global Corporate Services (GCS), Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union (BFSFCU), Human Resources Development (HRD), Health and Safety Directorate (HSD), Staff Association (SA), Single Parents Inclusion Network (SPIN) for co-sponsoring 50th Anniversary events with us. 


Applause, standing ovations, and curtain calls aside, the Family Network is empowering global families in its 50th year, as it has since 1972, and as it will into the future. This Fall we successfully revived in-person traditions such as Family Picnics and Hiking in Islamabad.  We started new gatherings such as a joint Flower Making Workshop with the WBG Art Program, and Storytime Group in our Family Network space at HQ.  Along with our partners at Global Corporate Services and Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union, we supported the re-opening of the delightful MMEG Fair (Margaret McNamara Education Fund).  This month we are very excited to re-open the cherished Children's Holiday Party. It is clear as a bell that the heart of our celebrations, be they annual or golden, are our connections with one another, that form our connectivity as a community, that form our strong Family Network.


It is with a heavy heart and deep regret that we inform you of the death of one of our members, Elizabeth Mata. Elizabeth was part of the Family Network’s Worldwide team and a local connector in Jakarta, Indonesia. She was a very passionate and committed connector and actively supported relocating families. We extend our deepest sympathy to Elizabeth’s family and loved ones.


We wish you safe, joyous and revitalizing time together in this season of festivities, reflection and light. 


Happy Anniversary!

Mary and Sara

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