Special Announcement


From the Presidents' desk—June 2023


Dear Member,

Please join us in recognizing the FY23 Executive Committee (EC) for their commitment of time and talent for the betterment of our community. We thank outgoing EC members, Secretary Eunice Omondi, Communications Chair Catherine Brown, and President Sara Jaffrey for their invaluable leadership within the WBG Family Network.  

Catherine reflects, “My experience of volunteering with the WBGFN commenced in Indonesia and concluded in Washington DC.  Over that period, I was very fortunate to meet people from all over the world with a fascinating range of experiences and cultures.  I was also fortunate to contribute to the skilled Communications Team and the 2025 Strategy sessions.  My best wishes for the continued success of the FN and its assistance to relocating accompanying partners and families.” 

Eunice shares, “I want to acknowledge the dedication, professionalism, and expertise demonstrated by each member of the committee. The collective commitment to the goals and objectives of the WBGFN has been inspiring, and I have been fortunate to work alongside such passionate individuals. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have contributed to the growth and success of the Professional Development Program and the WBGFN as a whole.”

The WBGFN community aims to create a welcoming environment where everyone can contribute and grow together. In the Europe – Central Asia (ECA) region, our chapters are actively working towards this goal through various initiatives. Members in Austria have enjoyed coffee mornings and stay connected with each other through a WhatsApp group of 45 people, where they share information and daily life tips. Similarly, in Paris, London, and Brussels, our members had the opportunity to meet two health specialists from the WBG headquarters who work on wellness for children, adolescents, and partners during times of change or uncertainty. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan, our members are building this community gradually by welcoming newcomers who are relocating and helping them feel at home. 

What helps you feel at home?  What attributes of ‘Home’ resonate most with you? We would love to hear from you regarding your description of ‘Home’ and its attributes by June 5th, via email at familynetwork@worldbank.org.  We will share the results soon!

Kind Regards
Sara and Mary


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