Special Announcement


From the Presidents' desk—July 2024

Dear Member,
Welcome to FY25! We extend a heartfelt thanks to our volunteers worldwide for their unwavering commitment.
With a dedicated Executive Committee for 2024-2025, our mission remains steadfast — to welcome, support, and advocate for WB families worldwide. As we start this term, we recognize your evolving needs and the changing demographics. Your stories of resilience resonate deeply, and we pledge to continue providing unwavering support.
This year, we will focus on enhancing Partner Development and building strong relationships with Country Offices globally, ensuring every member feels welcomed and valued.
Your voice is crucial. We are committed to improving communication and understanding your preferences, fostering stronger connections and meeting your needs.
We are dedicated to supporting dual career couples and facilitating career transitions. Your trust is invaluable, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.
Together, let's make a meaningful impact. Your ideas and feedback will shape dynamic programs, encourage collaboration, celebrate your contributions, and unlock your full potential within WBFN.
Join us as we navigate challenges, celebrate successes, and build a vibrant WBFN community.
We wish you and your family a wonderful summer.

Warm regards,
Sandipa and Joel


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