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From the Presidents' desk—December 2020

December 2020

Holiday greetings dear Family Network members!
All around the world, this last quarter of the year is marked with festivities and celebrations! We hope that wherever you are, you have a reason to celebrate. At WBGFN, we are trying to keep up the spirit of the holidays by hosting our annual Children’s Holiday Party, although virtually. This has made it possible for our worldwide members to join the party! Our volunteers have done an amazing job adapting to the virtual format and have created a fantastic Holiday Party, with Santa and the magician, all appearing on your screens. We hope that you have signed up on behalf of your kids!
There is another reason to celebrate. In the midst of the gloom and doom of the resurgence of the virus globally in recent weeks, the news of vaccine breakthroughs from major pharma companies has brought a ray of hope to us all.  We can all begin to see a future when we can visit our near and dear ones. Let us in the hope of a brighter future, hold on for bit longer. 
Have you been visiting our Parenting Now website? We have a compilation of several resources; 200 local resources and 80 global resources. You can find tips on interesting topics such as; how to hire a nanny during Covid, or how to keep kids engaged during the winter break and away from screens. 
On a related note, we are excited to share with you the news that in partnership with WBGHR we are soon going to launch the first of a cycle of sessions to equip parents to deal with the new normal. Look out for some announcements in your email soon. 
We wish you the best of the holiday season!
Padmini and Sara
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