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Pasta Carbonara

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It may seem like an obvious recipe and instead there are many who do not prepare it as it should be! I was visiting my family in Rome this past October and had this wonderful creamy pasta, but there is no cream in this, this is where people go wrong as my Italian relatives told me. It was a wonderful experience to cook with family learn traditions, cook as they do, I had questions, but they say this is how it's done, I asked why and the answer was still it's just how it has been done. The pasta carbonara is a dish typical of Latium (Rome) Coal Miners Pasta. It is a simple dish, provided you have the right ingredients and abide by the few but important rules in the prepration. The egg must not cook, there is sufficient heat from the pasta and bacon. Then there is the pasta do not drain well with using the colander, so as to keep it soaked a bit of its cooking water. The fire must be pretty low, just needs to heat it slowly, helping it to blend in as much as possible. Finally, the pepper, abundant amount of fresh cracked black pepper, like rain. Not coincidentally, it is the black of this pepper to bring up the dirt of the coal which gives its name to this dish.
Paul Corsi


  • 500 g pasta of durum wheat semolina
  • 200 g of Pancetta, it is uncured bacon
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 whole eggs and two egg yolks
  • pecorino romano, very important from Rome
  • salt and plenty of freshly ground black pepper


  1. Cut the Pancetta into 1 inch cubes ;
  2. Break the eggs and beat them with pecorino cheese and black pepper with a fork in the bowl that will contain the cooked pasta
  3. Fry the Pancetta in a skillet over low heat;
  4. Boil the pasta in salted water, drain it and trying not to drain it completely and keep a bit of water cooking;
  5. pour it into the bowl, add other grated cheese and stir quickly;
  6. add the Pancetta and its cooking liquid, stir and then add additional grated cheese in the dish