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Musings on…. life is a roller coaster (more than ever)!

Musings on…. life is a roller coaster (more than ever)!
Probably never, have we looked so much into the future and change like we have this year. The crowned microscopic virus has had macro global consequences and turned our lives upside down, forcing us to adjust to the new environment. Telecommuting, online schooling limited social life, and travel restrictions, to name a few. Each one of us has been dealing with the new normal in his/her own way. And although our global nomad's unique set of skills has enabled many of us to face the unknown with a familiar deja-vu feeling, there is always this uncertainty hovering over our heads. And what if... 
In December's musings column, our member Carla is reflecting on the past months.  Are you ready for a roller coaster ride?
By Carla De Souza Goncalves
“As a child, you dream of visiting an amusement park, riding in the Ferris wheel, or Carousel, but the bravest thing you can do is ride a roller coaster - the biggest and craziest, with so many loops. You ride it because you want to show people and prove to yourself that you are a brave kid.
As an adult, you avoid taking risks; at least me, a risk-averse person. But life is unpredictable, and now I do have my own roller coaster.
The roller coaster is in my mind and spirit. During this COVID time, my humor and feelings seem like they are going on this ride at high speed, with sharp curves and steep hills.  I could wake up in a good mood, and by the end of the day, I am nervous, hopeless, and exhausted. Other days are the opposite. Some days the roller coaster has a different track, steady, and I enjoy it. And some days, it looks like a deep valley or a blackout roller coaster, riding in the dark.
After 9 months I am still learning how to ride this roller coaster. Every day I try to study it before jumping in, check how many loops, how many curves and deep valleys it has. But to be honest, it is impossible to predict what is coming.
At the end, after experiencing a mix of feelings and sensations, the only thing that I am sure of is that my family is waiting for me with smiling faces and warm hugs. I know that, even with my risk-averse mind, I am brave enough to ride the roller coaster again.”


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