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Cartons, kids and chaos – Our moving adventure


It’s time to move! The words I had been expecting for a while, but yet, was unprepared for. As WBG families, many of us know this feeling all too well. After spending over 11 years in the Washington DC area, it had become my home, albeit one I knew wouldn't last forever. Having moved from India to Nigeria at the age of 6, I had become accustomed to relocating across countries. In hindsight, the experience enriched my life, something I wouldn't trade for anything. Naturally, I assumed our 9 year old twins would react with the same positivity I had as a child, or so I thought! Nothing prepared us for the strong, adverse reactions we were met with when we broke the news to the kids. 

It was a dramatic scene with two little humans sobbing uncontrollably, and protesting the idea of leaving their beloved friends, school, and the only home they've ever known. It was as if we had announced we were moving to Mars! C’mon kids, we’re going to New Delhi, closer to grandma and family. My husband and I exchanged glances, silently acknowledging that this would be a bumpy ride.

We were trying to figure out how to navigate relocating with kids, in search of a foolproof plan that would magically turn our children into eager movers. But as we soon discovered, there’s no foolproof formula when it comes to kids and moving. The Family Network’s newly launched relocation guide ‘Tools To Move’ couldn’t have been timelier.  I must say, we have tried and tested some of the tips and believe me, they worked like a charm! Among them, taking the kids on a pre-assignment trip to New Delhi proved a sanity-saver. Exposing them to the city, visiting their future school and also looking at potential housing properties with us granted them some control over the situation. Suddenly, New Delhi became an exciting adventure! With that hurdle crossed, the next challenge emerged: packing. We let the kids sort through their belongings and decide what to take and leave behind. Naturally, they wanted everything to accompany them, but containers have their limits! We also made sure they said their goodbyes. There was suddenly a barrage of social engagements, play dates, and goodbye parties. Tools To Move provided useful tips that made the situation a tad easier.   

Of course, the journey wasn't without its bumps. We still had our fair share of moving mishaps. The great carton challenge, for instance. As packers began boxing up items and cartons left the kids' rooms, fresh waves of meltdowns ensued, as if we were back to square one! Our container was overflowing, and the kids’ mattresses had to be left behind, causing a perceived catastrophe! Long sad faces, tears and carton challenges resurrected the helpless feelings that often accompany moving.

Amidst the chaos and comical moments, the moving process also offered our little ones a chance to grow and develop resilience. Saying goodbye to old routines and familiar faces taught them to adapt to a new environment, make new friends, and embrace change.

Looking back, I realize that our family's strength and ability to find humor amidst the madness carried us through the challenges of relocating with kids. Sure, there were tears, tantrums, and temporary setbacks, but those moments I am sure will be fond memories that we will laugh about as a family.

So, if you find yourself amidst the moving mania with kids in tow, remember that even in chaos, there is an abundance of laughter and excitement waiting to be discovered. Embrace the adventure, hold on tight, and get ready for a wild ride filled with joy, tears, and many, many, many cartons along the way!


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