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Whose Career – Yours, Mine or Ours?

Whose career – yours, mine or ours? is a fundamental question that every dual career couple needs to answer. Sometimes, this question is only answered due to circumstances, i.e., one partner has been offered a job which involves an international move. Or it may arise organically because both partners have career aspirations and this includes having to relocate, so conversations take place about ‘what would happen if…….’. 
This question is not only for those who intend to be globally mobile. It becomes applicable with impending parenthood or increase in family size. Covid with all its ongoing uncertainties also invites us to ask ourselves this question again.
Here, our President, Operations, Ashikur Rahman gives us his reflections after reading my book, Whose Career – Yours, Mine or Ours? Addressing the Dual Career Dilemma.
YQ: Did you find the book useful?
AR: Yes, for globally mobile dual career couples, this book can be a lifesaver.
YQ: Interesting that you use the word “lifesaver”. Why?
AR: Yes, I think dual career couples do not have ANY guidelines or ‘scientific’ advice. Mostly they have a few stories of couples that have somehow managed it, but NO ‘template’ or ‘rules’ for success at all. You have interspersed the book with enough research/stories/anecdotes/cases to keep the text relatable and readable, with the golden rules and CARE principles to keep the interest level high for the reader. It also shows us how to start a conversation with our partner on this vital issue of career prioritization.
YQ: What are the book’s best bits?
AR: I would say the most interesting parts are the case studies or stories you tell to distill the golden rules into the three CARE habits.  It is very much practical-sounding and pragmatic, and devoid of any hype, exaggeration or overpromises – which makes the appeal of the book strong. It is realistic.
YQ: Could you write a one sentence back cover review, having read it?
AR: “Essential reading for today’s working couples on the move”
YQ:  Any last words you would like to share with our members about the book?
AR: As a couple we faced dual career dilemmas in 2006 and then in 2013. While we are glad that our decisions and the ensuing outcomes worked out well, I wish this book existed back then and we had a copy – it would have reduced so much tension and brought much more clarity.
Lastly, I wish this book reaches the hands of all the couples who are facing dual career dilemmas right now, and also the Human Resources professionals who would want to know more about how to tackle these issues in their workplace. Thank you!
If you are interested in reading the book. It is available on Amazon and on Kindle. Click for more information.
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