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Strategic Accomplishments—Better Braver Forward Together!


Where We Started: FY23 Better Together

In FY23, the EC developed its post-pandemic “Better Together” strategies with a focus on three themes:  Programs/tasks that enrich membership engagement experience; decentralization of the WBFN experience; and relaunch of partnerships within and outside the World Bank.  In the post-pandemic environment, all WBFN flagship programs, such as the Children’s Holiday Party, Teen Summer Program, in-person Career Lab Alumni Network at HQ, World Culture Open house, and in-person welcoming sessions were successfully relaunched. 


Where We Are: FY24 Better and Braver Together

At the start of FY24, WBFN welcomed its new Honorary President, Ritu Banga.  Ritu’s active partnership with WBFN has quickly enabled new worldwide visibility for our organization while simultaneously enabling new insights into our global member experience and operations.  While implementing our FY24 strategies, we took the additional step of activating a priority plan that positions WBFN to further improve the WBFN member experience at a pace and scope that leverage our Honorary President’s role and support.


FY24 Strategic Results Highlights

Enrich the membership engagement experience:

  • New Men’s Interest Group pilot.
  • New drop-in Beginner’s English Group, to continue in Fall FY25.
  • New digital brochure and Welcome Handbook for new members.
  • New Annual Fall Contributor Recognition Breakfast to increase formal member volunteer recognition.
  • Improved survey methods that increase feedback results, data analysis, and data-driven decision making to inform program changes.
  • Highly acclaimed, high participation career seminar on ‘Finding a Short-Term Consultancy’.
  • Full structured assessment of all core WBFN programs.

Decentralize the WBFN experience:

  • WBFN President to continue strengthening formal partnerships with Country Office leaders.
  • Standard WBFN templates for worldwide communications and information materials to realize “one WBFN” look and feel, customizable for local use. 
  • Increased offerings of flagship programs offered within our worldwide communities that include Teen Summer Program - Singapore pilot, Children’s Holiday gatherings, picnics, recognition events, and Virtual Career Lab.
  • Strategic partnership with Staff Association as a corporate consultant on WBFN strategic planning, laying groundwork for WBFN to partner with SA/COSAs on events, activities, and space worldwide.
  • Support to families evacuating from Haiti to Dominican Republic using expertise gained from worldwide experience with family evacuations from Afghanistan and Ukraine.


Deepen Partnerships within and outside the World Bank

  • Deepened Inter-American Development Bank Family Association (IDBFA) and International Monetary Fund Family Association (IMFFA) partnerships, exchanging information on “Welcoming” practices, sharing knowledge on worldwide offerings, considering shared teen activities in the DC area, and continuing commitments to best practices in delivering the flagship Teen Summer Program.
  • Key partner support to WB Domestic Abuse Prevention Program (DAPP).  WBFN President moderated a panel of experts on Tech Abuse in the Fall and presented an overview of the Family Network at the Respectful Workplace Advisors Community Conference in the Spring.
  • New partnership with World Bank Information Security (ITSIS) to offer safety-focused ‘Digital Hygiene’ seminars to WBFN families in Spring 2024, with plans for ongoing offerings.
  • Partner with the HRD Mental Health Strategy Implementation Team via WBFN Coordinator, on topics impacting our membership. Sponsored joint yoga and meditation event at HQ and in several CO’s, garnering very high participation level.
  • Collaborate with the WB Art Program, supporting sponsors Ajay and Ritu Banga to establish a Children's Art Prize aimed at fostering the vision and imagination of WB children worldwide. Submitted artworks are showcased during the 2024 Spring meetings, and the prize- winning piece will be highlighted on the 2024 WB holiday card.


Where We Are Going: FY25 Forward Together

Our WB Family Network is well positioned for growth and success in FY25. While we look at aggregate results to focus our priorities, our definition of successful change is measured one member at a time, each time we interact. The most successful way to go forward is together. Thank you for entrusting your WBFN leadership with the discernments and decisions that have led to the results highlighted here, and more!  It is our honor to represent you, and go forward .. together.


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