Special Announcement


From the Presidents' Desk -- May 2018

Two core events of the WBFN are upcoming--the Annual Meeting and the Annual Dinner, respectively on May 3rd and May 10th.

Why they are so important? At the Annual Meeting, we will present program and activity reports together with the achievements of the past fiscal year, and also ongoing projects and plans for the next. We will also be presenting and voting on the slate of nominees for the FY19 Executive and Nominating Committees. We will say farewell to the outgoing Executive Committee, and the ceremony of passing the gavel will enact the election.

We depend on your input and feedback to continue to best serve the interests of WBG families, so you are all cordially invited to join the meeting in person at WB HQ, or, if you cannot be present in person, connect to us virtually to participate, either by Facebook live or through WebEx.

The following week, the Annual Dinner will be the most important social event of the year, when our organization meets all the relevant stakeholders and advocates for its members. This is an opportunity to highlight the contribution of our volunteers and staff, and a relaxed time to network, and establish and reinforce partnerships to increase WBFN visibility.

We really believe these two events return the importance of people in our organization, people who dream, people who meet, discuss and plan--people who act and want to impact.

So, join us and take part in the future of WBFN.

Loubna Djemame, President

Lorenzo Alia, President Operations

May 2018