Special Announcement



From the Presidents' desk—September 2021

Dear Fellow Members,

This fall some of us would be returning to a full or hybrid form of operations at work, schools and elsewhere after a year and half of disruption and uncertainty. The ambiguity that we’ve lived through has been especially difficult for the young students, those starting at new positions, and those who have had to miss academic and social milestones that they’ve spent years looking forward to.

It took the resolve and dedication of our members and their families to surpass the indefinite challenges cast our way. Whilst we continue to build upon our previous year’s achievements, and cautiously move towards a level of normalcy that is not quite yet ‘normal’ we should keep in mind the less fortunate ones. WBG families who were and continue to be affected during the Afghan crisis have been faced with unimaginable challenges and the Family Network seeks to offer support and assistance in any shape or form to those in need.

To our members across the globe, here is an early ‘save the date’ for a new initiative with other units at WBG, which is taking shape and would be launched very soon. It will focus and work around ‘parental loss.’ Further details would follow very soon so do be on the lookout.

In the meantime, those whose children are starting school or college, please cherish the moment and make this transition a memorable one. We should be mindful that our children must be applauded for braving the pandemic. Only with concerted efforts from everyone can we be sure they can emerge from the crisis ready to cope and thrive.  

Finally, reach out to us if you have an idea of a new initiative and we will be delighted to hear from you. Stay safe and be positive!

Kind regards,

Sara and Ashik

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