Special Announcement



From the Presidents' desk—January 2020

January 2020

Dear Fellow WBG Family Members,

A very happy 2020 to all!

May this opening year of the decade be joyful and meaningful for you and your dear ones. One year ago, we welcomed our regional champions, Ghadir, Laurent, and Scott. This anniversary is the perfect opportunity to highlight the incredible work they are doing, together with our local champions and all the Family Networks team members, especially Giedre, Yvonne and Cat. They have all worked tirelessly during the past year to better support WBG families relocating and living in country offices.

Discussions at the WBG senior management level on the global footprint and on further strengthening support for country programs and for staff on the operational front lines, have made our work at the WBFN and specifically in our Worldwide Program, even more critical for our community.

We all know the immense difference it makes to have a member to call for guidance, a group to build a project with, or a community that welcomes you when living in a new country. On behalf of the WBGs families, a huge thank you to those working to make such a difference in our lives.

On our communications channels this month, we have a special focus on career challenges for members. (Check the new articles on this website.)

On an administrative note, it is a good time to check if your data are up to date in our system. Having the correct information makes supporting you so much more efficient.

With our warmest wishes,

Padmini and Marie-Noëlle
WBFN Presidents