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From the Presidents' desk—February 2024


Dear WBFN Members,

February lies in the heart of the winter season, typically characterized by heart-shaped boxes colored in pink or red, with a variety of candies inside. One popular candy, known as ‘conversation hearts,’ comes in a predictable array of pastel colors and typically carries a positive sentiment, such as ‘be mine,’ or ‘u r cool’.

Our members are the heart of our community. Unlike predictable conversation hearts, we bring an enormously rich and unexpected texture and vibrancy from multiple cultures, from our personal and professional aspirations, and from our diverse lived experiences into our WB Family Network community. Each World Bank Family is unique and diverse. In that light, we had the pleasure of meeting with Monica Oldham, WB Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, to learn about the WB DEI Program and resources of particular interest for our families. We look forward to sharing Monica’s empowering interview with you in mid-February!

Interested in enhancing your cross-cultural competencies?

All WBFN members can take the CultureWizard tool by visiting https://wbg.culturewizard.com. Once registered on the site, you will be directed to the homepage. Clicking on the “Culture Calculator Suite” will grant you access to the assessment.

CultureWizard is an online e-learning platform developed by RW3, a global leader in cultural competence. The platform is designed to enhance cultural competence when working in a culturally diverse and globally dispersed environment. With its comprehensive interactive and self-paced e-courses, assessment tools, and resources, CultureWizard provides a rich resource for WBG staff and family members to build awareness, knowledge, and skills to help as they settle into new cultures. We encourage you to take advantage of this learning opportunity.

Two Important Announcements!

Save the Date! Watch for the official Teen Summer Program 2024 Announcement on February 6!

The TSP 2024 program dates are June 24 – July 11, 2024. The application window opens February 6 and closes on February 20 at noon (EST). Program and application details will be shared in the February 6 TSP 2024 Announcement!

Save the Date! International Potluck on March 7!

DC members, mark your calendars for the International Potluck happening on March 7. Stay tuned for details and the sign-up genius to bring your favorite dishes -- coming soon.


Kind regards,

Mary and Hely

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