Special Announcement


Information on Addiction for WBG Families


April 2018

 Addiction does not discriminate between age, gender or educational background. Globally, but especially in the US, there is a growing crisis with painkillers and unfortunately, a wide range of illegal drugs in schools.

The WBFN, together with the WBG Staff Association, is hosting a panel discussion on May 14 (see the flyer below). You will hear local experts talk about how to identify addiction, how it can be treated, and how family members can provide help and support. A staff member will also talk about his own journey to recovery.

There is no shame in addiction. It is a biological disease that needs medical attention, together with a behavioral component that needs strong support. 

Come and learn about addiction, and practical steps to take if you have concerns. Please follow this link to sign up and join us for this informative session. WebEx will also be available.