Special Announcement


End of Summer - An exhibit of art

Please join WBFN member Sanja Pešic–Ostojic for her opening reception on November 7th between 2-4pm of her art exhibit End of Summer here at the WBFN office. Sanja will be exhibiting her art from November 7–21 at the WBFN office gallery. You can view her art work during WBFN office hours, so please come visit us and support WBFN members. More information on the artist is available in the attached pdf file below.

“… To what world do these scenes, imaginary landscapes, belong to? What time do
they belong to: historical, mythic, religious, or are they placed outside the
common material world and its time? Despite possible analogies and motifs in the
history of painting, here we are dealing with a poetic transcription of personal
experience of a dream or a desire into a theme that concerns us all.”
- Art Critic Sreto Bošnjak