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Bridge, Issue #5—January 16, 2017

Issue #5—January 16, 2017
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Do you have the MERC card – with emergency contacts?

It is important to know whom to contact in the event of an emergency. The Medical Emergency Response Coordinator (MERC) is a staff person in each country office location who is trained to assist with medical emergencies. The MERC Card provides important contact information for the Medical Emergency Response Coordinator and local emergency resources, as well as World Bank Group Security.

Please get the MERC card and keep it handy in your home/car/purse. Also put the MERC contact information in your phone.

How to get the MERC card for your location:

  1. Print the MERC card from the Global Mobility Portal of the World Bank Group, in the section about the country you are in. Don’t have access to the Portal yet? Contact Global Mobility at globalmobility@worldbank.org, or the Family Network at wbfnworldwide@worldbank.org
  2. Ask your spouse (the staff person) to print the MERC card from http://merccards (this link only works on the intranet of the Bank Group)

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