Special Announcement

A Call for Candidates

The World Bank Family Network (WBFN) is a volunteer-driven organization of the spouses and partners of WBG staff with headquarters in Washington DC and a presence in more than 70 country office locations. WBFN shares helpful relocation information with members in both the Washington DC area and abroad, and establishes a supportive network through social, cultural, educational and advocacy programs.
About the Executive Committee (EC) and Nominating Committee (NC)
The EC member and the NC member are volunteer positions with a term of 1- 2 years. The EC members are representatives of the organization with a fundamental role to provide leadership to ensure that WBFN objectives, services and programs reflect the changing needs and interests of its membership. The NC member is responsible for screening, interviewing and selecting potential qualified candidates to serve on the EC and NC.
  • General criteria for EC and NC members
  • Applicants must be WBFN members and volunteers to be eligible
  • Demonstrate ability to work as part of a team
  • High level of engagement in WBFN activities 
  • Committed to the WBFN mission
  • Able to communicate in an effective and respectful manner
  • No conflict of interest as defined in WBFN bylaws
Duties and responsibilities (EC members)
  • To act in the best interest of WBFN and adhere to bylaws / relevant guidelines
  • To be accountable to the membership regarding the development of WBFN
  • To provide strategic direction to the EC and operational overall functionality of the organization (WBFN)
  • Required to meet at least once a month
  • To convene special meetings as needed
  • To serve as liaison between EC and the team leads of programs or activities 
  • To support WBFN activities through active engagement that includes attendance whenever possible 
  •  Lead strategic planning and exercise supervisory responsibilities as required
Duties and responsibilities (NC members)
  • To review the policies and procedures of the NC
  • To oversee the EC and NC recruitment and succession planning in accordance with the selection criteria
  • To establish a formal and transparent procedure for the appointment of EC and NC members
  • To be available for meetings as called by the Nominating Chair
  • To aid in the publication of the proposed slate 
If you would like to apply for the EC or NC positions, please e-mail us at wbfn.fy25@gmail.com with the following information, by March 6:
  1. Your full name
  2.  Recent ID photo
  3.  Short bio
  4.  E-mail contact
  5.  Position applying for (EC or NC)
  6.  Why you think you will be a good candidate
Once your application is received, the NC will select candidates to interview. Kindly be informed that the positions offered are subject to final approval by the FY24 Executive Committee.

Kind regards,
Nominating Committee