Special Announcement


Struggling with Healthcare?

Luciana Correa

By Lorenzo Alia

March 2018

A major challenge on relocation to the US is healthcare. The WBG’s Aetna health insurance for staff and dependents is negotiated specifically for our institution, and is regarded as very comprehensive by industry standards. However, despite this, it can get complicated. In-network services, deductibles, out-of-pocket, and co-pay are just some of the definitions you will need to understand. Finding a doctor isn’t always easy either.

The good news is that a new clinic has opened at the World Bank!

For the first time, all staff and their dependents, as well as retirees who have World Bank Group or IMF insurance, are eligible for the in-network services provided by the clinic, which is managed and operated by the MedStar Medical Group. (In-network means you only pay your co-pay, a small sum, and the rest will be billed to your insurance.)

STs and their dependents, as well as badged contractors, have two options to pay for service: they can check if their own insurance providers are on the list of preferred medical insurance providers for the clinic and if so use that provider, or they can pay cash for each visit and file an out-of-network claim. The clinic is located on the C2 level of the Main Complex building (MC C2-140), and the 6,600 square foot state-of-the-art facility has been equipped with twelve patient exam rooms.

Primary clinical care services include pediatric, internal, and family medicine. The new clinic provides urgent care, allergy services, and post-travel care. Access to the clinic is by appointment only, by calling or visiting the clinic. This is what our members said about the new clinic:

My husband just made an appointment there--so much easier than going to our old doctor.

My former family doctor will be one of the doctors in the clinic, and I was very happy about her care.

The former Health Services clinic in the Main Complex (MC C2-376) is now the Travel Health and Global Wellness unit within Health Services. It continues to provide pre-travel care, dispense travel medications, promote a World Bank Group culture of health through globally deployed health promotion activities, and deliver expanded mission support to relocating staff. In particular, one service provided by the Travel Health and Global Wellness unit is the “New Health & Wellness Program”. If you register for this program, after having scheduled your biometric screening and lab work, you will receive a personalized preventive plan and can sign up for an electronic/telephonic health coaching program. The goal of the program is to improve your health by taking small, consistent steps towards healthier behaviors.

So, if you need health support, take advantage of these new services provided by the World Bank. It’s a good place to start if you have just arrived and haven’t grasped the whole complex issue yet!