Special Announcement

Virginia Parents & Tots

Our first event of the VA Tots was a great success - the children's smiles were priceless! Just so you know we will meet every Monday from 10 to 11am. Please contact us for all the details. We look forward to seeing all parents not just in Virginia, but in Maryland and DC too and enjoy each others company every week!

For all the information please contact the group coordinator Nuwanga at vatots@wbfn-global.org 

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Whether you have been in DC for years or you have just arrived, it can be both challenging and a little unsettling to look for things to do with your toddlers. Yes, there are plenty of day cares and activities planned by counties. But all of them come at a cost and building the network takes time. For this reason, WBFN offers the community an opportunity to get together to play and have some activity time for kids. 

Program will structure around ideas that parents would bring into the group and activities planned prior into the calendar. Some potential activity could be around arts and crafts, sports (soccer, basketball etc.), science & nature, music, reading etc. On alternate days, meet ups could be planned around play grounds, play gyms, Zoos, nature parks, museums etc. This will hopefully pave the way for everyone to pitch in with ideas to keep kids busy, use a skill with our kids or simply chill with the kids. 

Contact: Nuwanga at vatots@wbfn-global.org for more information.

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