Special Announcement

Teen Summer Program 2018

The 3 week program will begin on June 26th and conclude on July 12th.

Registration for the 2019 Teen Summer is not yet open- Please check back soon (2019)

For Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s) and answers you may have about the program, please click here

The Teen Summer Program (TSP) is a much sought after three-week program held every summer for teens (16-18) whose parents work at WBG, IMF or IADB. This unique program features expert, professional speakers from the three organizations and offers teenagers insight into the fields in which their parents work. Seminars, mock parliaments and town halls are some ways in which teens are taken down educational, creative and self development avenues which they can explore, experience and benefit from ... debating current global issues and interventions made to allieviate global inequality in the economic and social sectors sets them on the path to becoming global citizens themselves! Volunteers are involved in the planning from January to June, and then on the days of the program.