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April 29th Event Tour starts at 1:15pm

Empresses of China’s Forbidden City, 1644-1912 - Freer Gallery of Art, located at Jefferson Drive at 12th Street SW

The lives of the Qing dynasty empresses offer a compelling tale of opulence and influence as told in this first ever in-depth exhibition on the subject. Their vital presence over the 260-year course of the Qing is brought to light through an unprecedented assembly of spectacular objects, from royal portraits to costumes and jewelry they used in the imperial complex known as the Forbidden City. The exhibition breaks stereotypes by showing the empresses’ influence in the realms of art, religion, politics, and diplomacy. In actively recovering their position, we are reminded that history often leaves women’s accomplishments untold. Most of these artworks are from the Palace Museum, and many have never been exhibited outside of China.

Important advice from Eriko Masuoka re tour organization

"More than 10,000 people came to the Empresses exhibition for its opening on March 30.   There are constant flow of visitors on weekday.  Hopefully, it will be less busy than usual during your tour.   AAF has limited the size of a tour to 15 because of the small space in large part of the exhibition.  Your group is 25.  Jan Stuart, the curator, will be able to handle it but the group needs to keep close to one other.

Re the gathering time, 12:45 will be fine but it can be at 1 pm.   There is a large portrait of Emperor Cixi on the entrance level, so I can give the group a brief talk (10 minutes) about Emperor Cixi.   Jan’s tour starts from the lower level where the exhibition is held.   We will begin the tour at 1:15 pm promptly there."

Sign Up- Please contact Vim directly-contact information is located under details

Since this is a popular exhibition and our group is limited to 25 people the list will be compiled on a First Come First Serve basis. This means that the first 25 who apply will be included in the tour. However, if, for good reason someone who signs up cannot attend please let me know so that the space can be used by someone else.

May 4th Event Demonstration and lunch at Rasika Indian restaurant 

Please join us for a rare opportunity: Rashika Restaurant the top Indian Restaurant in Washington  will do a cooking demonstration and then followed by lunch. Vikram Sunderam The Executive Chef will give us the cooking demonstration on how Rashika  prepares their delicious menu items, hopefully reveling some secrets we can take home with us.

Cost:  per person $65 includes lunch and demo ($50 tax $5 and gratuity $10)
Location: West End of DC 1190 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20037

 It is along way from our lunch date, Vim will have to give the restaurant a final count,  so please contact Vim  for  those interested will receive all the info needed to attend from Vim (email is under contact information)


The Washington DC area has an abundance of cultural activities for art, history, music and theatre enthusiasts. The International Cultural Group organizes outings that may be of special interest to our members.

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