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Issue #8— September 15, 2018

Issue #8— September 15, 2018


Did you know that in July 2018 the WBG has launched a handbook on security for Heads of non-HQ offices?
The handbook provides recommendations to ensure that immediate family members will receive security
related alerts “particularly in higher-threat environment”.

To support the implementation, we suggest you:

  • Check with staff (your spouse/partner) about the alert system he or she should be registered with
  • Get in touch with the Security Specialist at the office, know his/her name, contact information, etc.
  • Check if there is a policy in place at the CO to register spouses/domestic partners in those security alert systems
  • Always carry with you your own and the staff UPI number
  • As a WBFN group, advocate with CO management in order to support inclusion of spouses/domestic partners for any “locally issued security advisories”
  • Be aware of security trainings offered to staff and request to open it to spouses/domestic partners


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