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Bridge, Issue #10— March 8, 2017

Issue #10— March 8, 2017
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Health briefing and medical advice is available to you and your family

You can have advice and support from a World Bank Group health specialist (doctor/nurse) for you and your family on health risks in your current and next location. The Field Health Services (FHS) team of the WBG Health Services Department (HSD) provides health briefings to staff and spouses before relocation. If your spouse has not received an invitation to a briefing before moving to a new location, ask him or her to contact the FHS team through this WBG intranet link.

Topics covered include common diseases and health risks, immunization requirements, availability of medication, and referrals to medical providers and facilities if requested. Guidance on health insurance coverage should come from the WBG Benefits team, but FHS can provide some general advice in this area.

In your current or new location, you can also reach out to your regional FHS representative to seek advice on health topics, such as availability of types of medical care locally, discussion of travel outside of your duty location to seek medical care, or a range of other concerns.

All information shared with the health specialist is strictly confidential. The health specialist works in an advisory role only. Members of the team cannot provide direct medical care. 

NOT PROVIDED: clinical medical care, treatment, prescriptions, sick-leave notices, resolving of health insurance issues (for insurance issues, please contact your provider directly, or contact WBG Benefits if the issue is not resolved with the provider).

To find the contact details of the health specialist supporting families in your location, you can:

  1. Go to the Global Mobility Portal, in the country specific section of the relevant location (if you don’t have access yet, contact Global Mobility at globalmobility@worldbank.org, go to point 3)
  2. Ask your spouse/partner (the staff) to check on the WBG intranet –  HSD > Healthservices > Field Health Services, or use this WBG intranet link
  3. Ask the Family Network for help

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